Korendei is the world.

For convenience, it shares a lot of characteristics with Earth. It’s roughly 4.5 billion years old (though it lacks the science to determine this), has one moon that orbits monthly, makes one full clockwise rotation every 24 hours, has an orbital period of 1 year, and an axial tilt of 23.5 degrees. It’s in the goldilocks zone, has liquid water, and the same kingdoms of life as Earth, but beyond there is where things begin to change. Because unlike our world, Korendei is steeped in magic.


Kelebek – The Human continent

The gavelkind turks used to rule the continent. Then a mongol conqueror rode from the north and conquered >50% of that shit. The turks are reduced but still have states. The mongols are an empire. They ride elephant birds, and the elites ride terror birds.

Gikhwayin – The Pangolin continent

They’re ruled by apatheistic wizards and have a weakened lower class.

Heitor – The Burrowing Owl continent

Lysias – The frozen continent

Island Chains


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